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18 Toboggan Hills Sanctioned By the City

It’s a sad day for my inner child.

Why is

everything in our life’s getting so restricted?

Now granted I know some changes are needed but it’s getting to the point that we soon will not be able to leave our houses without a face mask and a helmet.

When I was a kid, there was no hill we were not allowed to toboggan on (even some on private property, hehe)

Is it the lawyers changing things or is it the greedy people out there that are looking for some east money. Regardless they are ruining my inner child and not to mention my kids fun and that is not cool in my books.

Stand by for the new law where you can only fart 5 metres from a building and only at certain times.

See the Avenue’s link below for more details on where you can toboggan with you young ones…or by yourself.

via 18 Toboggan Hills Sanctioned By the City.

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