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2016 Cross Check Cancer Hockey Tournament – Calgary


This was my first time attending the Cross Check Cancer Tournament. My wife was a volunteer so I thought i would bring our two young boys with me to check it out. It in my opinion is one of the best run and organized charities done by not a corporation or company but just by a few guys that had their lives affected by Cancer. Losing someone close to you from this awful disease can be traumatizing. I lost both my Grandparents at a young age because of it. A friend of mine also lost his wife to breast cancer and not a year later his son was diagnosed with Leukemia. I'm proud and happy to say he is in full remission! I believe we all know someone that has or is suffering from this terrible disease.



Instead of feeling sorry for themselves and putting their head in the sand and pretending there was nothing they could do. Dan Finot who lost his mother to Cancer said, "F*ck this," (those are my words not his) and did something about it. He gathered up some close buddies and put this tournament together 5 years ago and it's been steam rolling forward ever since. This year they had about 30 teams take the ice at Winsport for not only to raise awareness and money for Cancer but to have a great time. They had face painting for the kids, a silent auction with some fantastic stuff, a dance Saturday night, and of course some hockey.


I'm so impressed by what all these guys have done that next year I'll be donating my time next year to help them as well. These are just regular joe's that are not doing this for tax benefits but just because they really want to help find a cure and support patients with Cancer lead a better life.


Thanks to the organizers Dan Finot, Jenn Finot, Greg Gerritsen, Pat Sutherland, Joey Calvitti, Winsport, and all the Volunteer's that help make this happen.


Be sure to stay up to date on the next tournament and what's happening with Cross Check Cancer. Like their Facebook page and check out their website

You can still donate just click the link.


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Source: 2016 Cross Check Cancer Hockey Tournament

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