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42 Awesome Kid Things That Adults Secretly Wish They Could Have

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. Pillow Weapons

Pillow Weapons

2. A Monster Backpack

A Monster Backpack

Actually, you can make your own monster backpack if you’d like to do so.

Click here to learn how to make your own.

3. The Pony Bicycle

The Pony Bicycle

4. Shark Helmets

Shark Helmets

5. Shark Sleeping Bags

Shark Sleeping Bags

6. Chalk Piggy Banks

Chalk Piggy Banks

7. The Pink Pig Power Outlet

The Pink Pig Power Outlet

8. Wooden Lego Men

Wooden Lego Men

9. Cardboard Animals

Cardboard Animals

10. The Animal Pocket Knife

The Animal Pocket Knife

11. The Shark Pencil Holder

The Shark Pencil Holder

12. Freaking Awesome Rulers

Freaking Awesome Rulers

13. Animal Rain Coats

Animal Rain Coats

14. Astronaut Bed Covers

Astronaut Bed Covers

15. The Scribbling, Drawing Robot

The Scribbling, Drawing Robot

16. The Ship Playhouse

The Ship Playhouse

17. Also, the Hobbit Playhouse

Also, the Hobbit Playhouse

18. A Soccer Ball that also Generates Energy to become a Charger

A Soccer Ball that also Generates Energy to become a Charger

19. Tinker Toys on Steroids

Tinker Toys on Steroids

20. The Sbyke (BMX Bike + Scooter)

The Sbyke (BMX Bike + Scooter)

21. The FLYING Remote Controlled Car

The FLYING Remote Controlled Car

22. Dino Kites

Dino Kites

23. The Laptop Chalkboard

The Laptop Chalkboard

24. The Black Shark Plane Bike

The Black Shark Plane Bike

25. The iPod Mini Jukebox

The iPod Mini Jukebox

26. The Nerf Sentry Gun

The Nerf Sentry Gun

27. The Remote Controlled Flying Bird

The Remote Controlled Flying Bird

28. Life Sized Iron Throne Replica

Life Sized Iron Throne Replica

29. Action Heroes with 3D Printed Heads of Yourself

Action Heroes with 3D Printed Heads of Yourself

30. Anatomically Correct Legos

Anatomically Correct Legos

31. Pony Cycles

Pony Cycles

32. Duct Tape Road Adhesive

Duct Tape Road Adhesive

33. Balloon Powered Lego Cars

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