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Born and raised in Calgary. I can’t imagine living anywhere else….well, I’ll be honest, I would play with the idea of sitting on a beach all year long with food, beverages, and someone cleaning my room everyday. 🙂 Until that happens, this is where I want to raise my family.





Born and raised in Calgary. I know this city inside and out. By driving or by running through a community with the many half marathons I do every year.






My family and I have a passion for Calgary and we know and love the area. Hence why i became a Real Estate Associate.





I’ve always tried to be a part of the community. I work at Country 105 Calgary on the rare occasion when the need someone to fill in. I use to be there full time but found a new love for Real Estate.





I enjoy helping people find their first or new home that they can build a life in. Whether that’s raising a family or starting a new career, or moving to Calgary and area for the first time. I can fill them in a the community that would be best suited for them and their needs. I’m always on your side. I will not rest until we sell or buy a home that fit’s your needs and then we’ll negotiate the best price. Anyone sell a place now with the internet that why my focus is not only on the sale of your home but it’s mostly on the marketing. I have a big social media presence because that’s what you need as a Realtor® now days. If your Real Estate Agent is not representing you on Social Media then you might want to interview another one. I also provide at my expense professional pictures and feature sheets. Also, depending on the price of the home I will provide 3D photo’s. Pictures online sell a home; if you don’t have great pictures online then your home may not sell as fast hence causing more people to come in with lower offers if your home is on the market too long.






The Calgary Scene blog is not just about my real estate marketing but it’s also about being a local expert and making sure people are in the know. Being a one person operation of my blog means I sometimes miss out on things. If you have something you would like to promote drop me an email with the information and I can posted it here. I do have some guidelines, I do not have ads on my website on purpose. I don’t want people coming to my blog with a million pop-up’s to buy things. I will add your post if it’s a event in the city or a charitable cause.



Please feel free to contact me regarding real estate. 100% no pressure, 100% no obligation. If not, then please just enjoy my blog!
Thanks for coming stopping by.

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