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Calgary Pizza Eaters Unite!

Eat Pizza and raise money for Meals on Wheels.


Let's be honest, I don't need a charity to eat pizza. It might be one of my favourite foods in the world! Maybe I'm not cultured, maybe I'm too picky, I do however enjoy all kinds of food but pizza..well, let's just say I have an extra special love affair. Don't tell me wife, although she might already know.  So now they tell me I can eat pizza AND help Meals on Wheels! This might be just the excuse I need to go out for dinner every night this week.

In support of Calgary Meals on Wheels, the makers of YYC Burger Week are proud to present YYC Pizza Week, debuting September 26 – October 5th.

Over 40 of Calgary’s best Pizza Restaurants and Participants will engage in a 10 day Pizza Battle, putting up their best pizza in one of three categories; Thin, Thick, Unique. Partial proceeds of every pizza sold will go to Calgary Meals On Wheels.

Winners in each category will be determined by an online public vote, to be revealed on September 26th, and announced at a wrap party on October 15th. A monopoly style passport will be handed out to the public encouraging them to visit the restaurants, taste the pizzas, and get their passports stamped to win prizes! All in the name of Charity.

9 local Food Bloggers are participating in a Food Blogger Pizza Challenge running Sept 26-Oct 5. With 3 Mystery Ingredients to choose from its anyone’s guess what will come out of their kitchens. Check out the Food Bloggers Pizza Page, available September 26, to vote for your favourite pizza creation!

Follow Kyle, one man on a journey to eat 45 pizzas in the 10 days of YYC Pizza Week. This is Pizzageddon. Follow his story. (he could be my idol)
If you can’t eat a pizza, buy a Pizza Strong YYC Pizza Week T-Shirt, created by Pierre Lamielle & partner Candace Bergman from Food On Your Shirt. These T-shirts and their Pizza Collection are being sold on their website. during YYC Pizza Week, with partial proceeds going to Calgary Meals on Wheels.

Make sure to follow along on social media for special announcements and contests.

Get ready to eat some pizza Calgary!



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