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Calgary to build north in 2016 

Calgary to build north in 2016 

So is or isn't the bottom falling in Real Estate in Calgary? Different prospectives from different people and companies. Seems the builders are ok with building new homes. Something out there is selling. about_overview

Tomorrow is the Calgary Real Estate Forecast convention. Look to the Calgary Scene to tell you what the forecasters have said. We tell it like it is and as we see it from our eye's. The Calgary Scene is a Real Estate agents website. Jason Cattoni is on the front lines of real estate in Calgary.

Talk to you tomorrow.By the end of this year, home buyers should have have four new communities to turn to on the city's north end.  Sales are slated to open at Cornerstone and Savanna in northeast Calgary and Carrington and Livingston on the the city's northwest side in 2016. The upswing on new communities in north Calgary is a positive…

Source: Calgary to build north in 2016 | Calgary Herald

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