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Cancer patient sells Christmas Trees with dreams of one last vacation with wife – 660 NEWS

People are coming from all over Calgary and southern Alberta to grab their Nova Scotia Balsom Firs from a lot in McKenzie Towne, and it’s not necessarily the trees that are drawing the crowds. Lot owner Kim De Gagne hopes to sell enough trees to take his wife on a vacation that may be their last together.De Gagne was diagnosed with multiple myeloma, a type of leukemia, three years ago, and his medication is starting to lose its effect. His Christmas tree lot is his only source of income for the entire year, so he’s hoping to pay back his wife Alanna with a trip, possibly to Hawaii.“Last year, we didn’t make a dime. I had to pay for my Christmas trees out of my pocket,” De Gagne said.“My wife works 12, 14 hour days because she has to support me. And it’s tough on me as a man to not be able to help.”De Gagne said it’s been a nice 11-year run selling trees. He said he didn’t have much of a Christmas growing up, so he often caters his service to kids when they come with their families.“I’ve got a chainsaw that cuts at the bottom of the tree and if they child is old enough I’ll let them help me cut it. I’ll tell you what, their eyes are as big as saucers,” De Gagne said.By his side is his 11-year-old border collie Jesse, who sits by the fire pit and occasionally offers customers his ball for a game of fetch. De Gagne’s other best friend, E.J. Foley, has been helping out at the lot since De Gagne’s diagnosis. The pair met leading up to the 1988 Winter Olympics in Calgary when they were country line dance instructors who were preparing to perform at the opening ceremony.Foley was diagnosed with lung cancer a year after De Gagne found out about his own cancer. Foley is in remission, but knows he may not have much time left with his friend. He explained why he’s affectionately called the “wart” that De Gagne can’t get rid of.“Because I won’t leave him alone,” Foley said. “I remind him when he needs to take his pills once in a while. He’ll get in a mood so I’ll natter at him until he gets out of it. And it’s only because I care.”The pair hope to use some of the revenue to buy books and other items for patients at the Tom Baker Cancer Centre where they were both treated. The Christmas tree lot is open weekdays from 4 p.m. until 8 p.m. and weekends from 10 a.m. until 6 p.m. near the Mac’s convenience store in McKenzie Towne.

Source: Cancer patient sells Christmas Trees with dreams of one last vacation with wife - 660 NEWS

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