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Mayor Nenshi’s statement about Uber entering Calgary

  So, let me get this straight, you take away driving lanes for more bike lanes, the the parking downtown is becoming apartment buildings and business, and any parking we do have is either taken up by cars-2-go or costs you $30/day to park. God forbid you have to park in more than one place in the morning and then ... Read More »

UBER launches in Calgary with 500 drivers – 660 NEWS

Beginning today. Are you going to use Uber?   UPDATE: The City of Calgary has issued a statement, warning of the “risks” associated with Uber: Marc Halat, Manager of the Compliant Services with the City of Calgary, is scheduled to speak to media at 9 a.m. ——————————————————————————————————————————————————————————- UBER has received the green light in Calgary. After over a year of research ... Read More »

Calgary – MP Shory accused in giant mortgage fraud

The bank has filed a lawsuit against hundreds of Albertans, including Shory. Civil court documents filed in the lawsuit, and obtained exclusively by CBC News, allege Shory, a lawyer, executed legal transactions that misrepresented the true mortgage owner of at least five Calgary properties. None of the allegations contained in the lawsuit has been proven in court. In a statement, ... Read More »

Calgary real estate market goes opposite direction to national average | Calgary Herald

Calgary's resale housing market is going in the opposite direction from what is happening nationally. A report released Tuesday by the Canadian Real Estate Association showed MLS sales in the Calgary region fell by 28.1 per cent to 2,139 in August from the level a year ago while nationally sales were up by four per… Source: Calgary real estate market ... Read More »

Calgary Housing Market, A Love/Hate Story

Calgary Housing Market, A Love/Hate Story

So this is coming straight from myself and what I hear from my colleagues i.e. other Real Estate Associates, Lawyers, and Mortgage Brokers. It's strictly my opinion on the market from what I'm seeing and hearing. Has the market slowed down...yes, but not to a stand still as some people would have you believe. Homes listed at over the $600,000 ... Read More »

Calgary – Canada Grew Richer, More Equal In 2014: Here Are The Major Cities, Ranked By Wealth

  Canada may have fallen into recession this year, but Canadian households grew wealthier last year, thanks to solid gains in real estate prices and the stock market. And according to a new survey from Environics Analytics, wealth inequality shrank a little in Canada at the same time. But it’s unlikely that performance will be repeated again this year, thanks ... Read More »

Now you know.

To all you younger people out there having fun...good! Don't forget to think about your future. Plan now and life will be a lot better at retirement. It's not as far away as you might think if you have a game plan. Contact me for details. Jason 403.-807-1896 or Read More »

My vote is for Kevin O’Leary this election! Read More »

Auto sales in Alberta drop more than 17% | Calgary Herald

New motor vehicle sales in Alberta took a beating in June, dropping 17.6 per cent from a year ago. Statistics Canada reported Monday that there were 21,116 new vehicles sold in Alberta for the month. While Alberta saw a significant sales decline, across the country, auto sales were up year-over-year by 1.2 per cent to… Source: Auto sales in Alberta ... Read More »