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To the 4 Skateboarders Who Saw a 15-Year-Old Girl Being Raped in Public

When I was young people treated skateboarding like a crime and skateboarders like juvenile punks looking to get into trouble. I love that the times have changed and love that these guys are awesome! This stems from a story in June. Links below to the story and the letter to the 4 skateboards from the girl. To the 4 Heroes ... Read More »

Cancer patient sells Christmas Trees with dreams of one last vacation with wife – 660 NEWS

People are coming from all over Calgary and southern Alberta to grab their Nova Scotia Balsom Firs from a lot in McKenzie Towne, and it’s not necessarily the trees that are drawing the crowds. Lot owner Kim De Gagne hopes to sell enough trees to take his wife on a vacation that may be their last together.De Gagne was diagnosed ... Read More »

About New Mortgage Rules And New Interest Rates – Calgary – Real Estate

I was talking to my buddy Broker/Owner at Big City Financial/ Mortgage Architects and asked him to simplify all the information people are getting with all these changes to mortgage rules. Seem's a lot of people don't understand. It was hard for me to understand when the rules came out as well. Us as Realtors® were not informed that all these ... Read More »

Top Performer for September! – Real Estate – Realtor – Calgary

Wow, thanks to all my kick a$$ clients for making me #1 for September! I guess customer service, honesty, and integrity really does work. It's a competitive market out there. There are a lot of great Realtor great Realtor's® that you could have used so it truly does mean a lot to me when you call me and/or refer me to your ... Read More »

New Mortgage Rules Makes it Harder to Get Mortgage – Calgary – Alberta – Canada – Real Estate

New Mortgage Rules Makes it Harder to Get Mortgage – Calgary – Alberta – Canada – Real Estate

So not only are out luxury homes suffering but now first time home buyers get the shaft! WOW The bank of Canada announced that as of October 18,2016, any insured mortgage applications (less than 20% down payment) must be qualified at the benchmark rate (today's benchmark rate is 4.64%) for mortgage approval. Currently, only variable mortgages, as well as any ... Read More »

Furnace Inspection Scams in Calgary | The Home Guide

I had what I thought was one of these scam guys come to my house on Saturday. I told them unless they have ID they are not getting in. Truth is, even if he did have ID I wouldn't have let them in. I didn't call for anyone. DO NOT LET ANYONE IN YOUR HOUSE EVER unless you called them ... Read More »

Murder charge laid against teen accused of killing Calgary Stampeder Mylan Hicks

One of three men detained in the fatal shooting of Calgary Stampeders player Mylan Hicks at a nightclub on the weekend has been charged with second-degree murder. Source: Murder charge laid against teen accused of killing Calgary Stampeder Mylan Hicks Read More »

Inglewood and Ramsay residents raise concerns over impending permanent road closure | CTV Calgary News

Citing safety concerns, the City of Calgary will place concrete barriers across a section of 8 Street Southeast near 9 Avenue but some residents fear the obstruction could prove dangerous in the event of an emergency.The barriers will restrict vehicles and pedestrians from crossing the railroad tracks that separates the communities of Ramsay and Inglewood. A timeline for the installation ... Read More »

Calgary researchers achieve 6.2-kilometre teleportation, raising hopes for ‘quantum internet’

This freaks me out for some reason but at the same time to not deal with rush hour traffic in the future would be a dream come true. 🙂 In a "major step" toward practical quantum networking, researchers at the University of Calgary have successfully demonstrated the teleportation of a light particle's properties between their lab and the city's downtown ... Read More »

Doug Vernally (The Odd Squad) from Country 105 – Retired – Calgary – Radio

I can't say enough nice things about Doug nor can anyone that has crossed his path. From helping a rookie like me start my radio career to helping out local charity's and benefits like the Alberta Children's Hospital Radiothon. Doug was a big part of my short lived radio career. He was always someone you could sit down and talk ... Read More »