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Poppy box swiped from southwest Calgary liquor store, man caught clear on CCTV |

One Word...DOUCHE BAG!  City Liquor employees eyeballed the shifty-looking fellow lurking outside early Thursday afternoon — who would later come in and swipe a fistful of donated dollars meant to support veterans. “He’s walking outside the door first . I think he saw the poppy box,” employee Mei Chang said. “He tried to distract (the person at the counter). He ... Read More »

Air Canada flight from Calgary makes emergency landing in Edmonton |

 Scary moments at the Edmonton Airport last night. A plane coming in from Calgary had mechanical issues A scary moment for the 75 passengers on board. 3 people received minor injuries. My thoughts if I were on this plane...I would NEVER go on a plane again! I have a bit of a fear of flying to begin with. I freak ... Read More »

How Police Say Two Women Almost Got Away With Stealing at Least 6 Houses – ABC News

Wow, the scams in this world are getting more and more elaborate. All Realtor's that have vacant properties and home owners that do not live on your properties and are empty BEWARE. Funny that people can't make it for themselves so it's easier for them to steal from other people that work hard for the things that they have. See ... Read More »

Fire breaks out at Balzac RV Business |

Very sad for some friends of mine at Rangeland RV. Not only am i a customer but they are friends. I wish them a speedy recovery and hopefully it won't take too long from them to reopen for business.   Article and Pictures from Global News     Fire breaks out at Balzac RV Business | Read More »

Girl Responds To Getting Bullied | SF Globe

Girl Responds To Getting Bullied | SF Globe

This girl is amazing. (see link below)   I think we should have a “Kill them with Kindness” day. to help stop bullying. I can’t believe this is still going on with all that people know about Bullying. Do we blame the kids, parents, or both? I hate that she go in trouble from her school about putting up the ... Read More »

GAS PRICES 39.9!!!! 1984 Pricing

Celebrating 30 Years of Refining in Alberta CanadaThis is no joke! Gas prices from when I was a kid and just got my learners license. Check out link below! #shell_Candada     Shell 1984 Gas Prices! CLICK HERE! Read More »

‘Bicycle Belles’ pedal towards closing the gender gap among Calgary cyclists

‘Bicycle Belles’ pedal towards closing the gender gap among Calgary cyclists

A group that wants to encourage more women to take up cycling got into gear Saturday with an inaugural ride and brunch. The inspiration for the Bicycle Belles’ formation was last year’s municipal bicycle count, which found women made up only 21 per cent of the 19,476 cyclists counted in the survey. The Bicycle Belles want to get more women ... Read More »

Calgary Pizza Eaters Unite!

Eat Pizza and raise money for Meals on Wheels. Let's be honest, I don't need a charity to eat pizza. It might be one of my favourite foods in the world! Maybe I'm not cultured, maybe I'm too picky, I do however enjoy all kinds of food but pizza..well, let's just say I have an extra special love affair. Don't tell ... Read More »