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Calgary council votes to make downtown cycle track permanent – Calgary |

Calgary council votes to make downtown cycle track permanent – Calgary |

Bike lanes are now going to be a permanent fixture in Calgary. How do you feel about this? Do you think this is just a part of the Calgary agenda to faze out personal vehicles in the downtown core. Unless you work and have parking provided for you it will be harder and harder in the long term to drive downtown ... Read More »

To the 4 Skateboarders Who Saw a 15-Year-Old Girl Being Raped in Public

When I was young people treated skateboarding like a crime and skateboarders like juvenile punks looking to get into trouble. I love that the times have changed and love that these guys are awesome! This stems from a story in June. Links below to the story and the letter to the 4 skateboards from the girl. To the 4 Heroes ... Read More »

The newspaper that ran the story of boy who died in Santa’s arms is no longer standing by the account. 

Did Santa lie? Without verification, people can't know for sure. It was just too good of a story for the media to verify first. The media just wanted the social media hits to bother with verifying the truth. Everyone wanted to believe this story, including myself. I really hope that he is just protecting the identity of the family. If not...It's a ... Read More »

Terminally Ill 5-Year-Old Boy Dies in Santa’s Arms – The Calgary Scene – NBC News

WOW! I'm a mess. Love you Santa. Unlike watching animals get hurt, kids fighting at school, road rage, some jerk doing something stupid, or some stupid Pastor at a mall telling parents to stop lying to their kids that Santa is real, etc, this is something that deserves to go viral. Please share and let people know that everyday is ... Read More »

Cancer patient sells Christmas Trees with dreams of one last vacation with wife – 660 NEWS

People are coming from all over Calgary and southern Alberta to grab their Nova Scotia Balsom Firs from a lot in McKenzie Towne, and it’s not necessarily the trees that are drawing the crowds. Lot owner Kim De Gagne hopes to sell enough trees to take his wife on a vacation that may be their last together.De Gagne was diagnosed ... Read More »

Things to do in Calgary this Christmas • Big Interactive

If you're like me you are looking to take in the Christmas Holiday's with the family. Christmas always goes by so fast so let's start celebrating early and take it all in this year. Spend as much time with our family as possible. Where are a few things I copied from some great websites to help you find places to ... Read More »

About New Mortgage Rules And New Interest Rates – Calgary – Real Estate

I was talking to my buddy Broker/Owner at Big City Financial/ Mortgage Architects and asked him to simplify all the information people are getting with all these changes to mortgage rules. Seem's a lot of people don't understand. It was hard for me to understand when the rules came out as well. Us as Realtors® were not informed that all these ... Read More »

Top Performer for September! – Real Estate – Realtor – Calgary

Wow, thanks to all my kick a$$ clients for making me #1 for September! I guess customer service, honesty, and integrity really does work. It's a competitive market out there. There are a lot of great Realtor great Realtor's® that you could have used so it truly does mean a lot to me when you call me and/or refer me to your ... Read More »

New Mortgage Rules Makes it Harder to Get Mortgage – Calgary – Alberta – Canada – Real Estate

New Mortgage Rules Makes it Harder to Get Mortgage – Calgary – Alberta – Canada – Real Estate

So not only are out luxury homes suffering but now first time home buyers get the shaft! WOW The bank of Canada announced that as of October 18,2016, any insured mortgage applications (less than 20% down payment) must be qualified at the benchmark rate (today's benchmark rate is 4.64%) for mortgage approval. Currently, only variable mortgages, as well as any ... Read More »