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Dean Sutton, for School Trustee in BC

I know we are a Calgary based blog but this is my brother in-law who is running and I think we need people like him (including Alberta) to be the voice for us and our children regarding their education. "I have a proven track record in my approach and abilities to create innovative solutions and get the job done, efficiently and ... Read More »

How Police Say Two Women Almost Got Away With Stealing at Least 6 Houses – ABC News

Wow, the scams in this world are getting more and more elaborate. All Realtor's that have vacant properties and home owners that do not live on your properties and are empty BEWARE. Funny that people can't make it for themselves so it's easier for them to steal from other people that work hard for the things that they have. See ... Read More »

Girl Responds To Getting Bullied | SF Globe

Girl Responds To Getting Bullied | SF Globe

This girl is amazing. (see link below)   I think we should have a “Kill them with Kindness” day. to help stop bullying. I can’t believe this is still going on with all that people know about Bullying. Do we blame the kids, parents, or both? I hate that she go in trouble from her school about putting up the ... Read More »