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Country 105 Kids Radiothon 2016 – Calgary


Amazing radio station, amazing hospital, amazing people, and courage that you would never think someone would have. Link to donations and phone number below. Thank you Children's Hospital for everything you do. I currently have friends there right now. This is the BEST charity you could ever donate to. Help give kids a chance - Jason Cattoni (Catelli)12640404_10154017007044101_8768648222955823901_o

Tune in to Country 105 NOW to hear how YOUR support of the Alberta Children’s Hospital is helping over 94,000 kids who rely on our hospital each year!


During the 3-day live broadcast from our hospital, you'll meet the people at the heart of it all - our kids and families. Hear first hand from dozens of amazing children and their parents whose courage - in the face of serious injury and illness - is truly inspiring!


Donate online or call 802-2700 to speak with one of our fantastic volunteers! 

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