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Current Calgary Housing Market

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Even with the price of oil what it is we have not seen too much of a reduction in home sale prices. There is actually some good news that sales have gone UP! Yes, there are more listing on the market but the rise in sales are keeping our home prices from drastically dropping. Prices are not going up and have dropped a bit but not as expected. People are still buying, and why shouldn't they when you can get a 5 year fixed rate at well under 3 percent.

The increase in listings has slowed a little and are still climbing but the sales in the last few weeks have shot up. Good sign for people wanting to sell.

The market might favour the buyer a bit at this stage but homes are still moving.

I would also like to introduce everyone to a new Interior Designer I'm working with Rachel Hudson. She is fantastic at staging a home for sale by picking colours, moving furniture to optimize your space, and decluttering issues.

Anytime you use me for the sale of your home I pay for a one hour consultation with her to get your home ready for sale. She'll help your house sell faster and the FIRST HOUR is free for you. Depending what you need from her it normally would only take an hour.

Please contact her even if you are not selling and just want to update your home. She's fantastic and will help you make your home beautiful and comforting. Here's her contact information.

Rachel Hudson
Demi Arts Design

Hope you guys have a fantastic hump day and I look forward to answering all your questions. Call, text, or email any time. Remember, I pay as much as $500.00 for referrals so go tell the world to contact me! 🙂

Jason Cattoni
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