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Doug Vernally (The Odd Squad) from Country 105 – Retired – Calgary – Radio

country 105

I can't say enough nice things about Doug nor can anyone that has crossed his path. From helping a rookie like me start my radio career to helping out local charity's and benefits like the Alberta Children's Hospital Radiothon.

Doug was a big part of my short lived radio career. He was always someone you could sit down and talk to and have a good laugh with. He also know's how to make you feel ok when you screw up producing their fast paced morning show. (yeah, sorry about that 🙂

When people say Doug Vernally is one of the nicest guys you'll meet, they're not just saying that. It's the absolute truth. I'm sad that won't be hearing Doug in the morning anymore. The Odd Squad in the morning is going to be a little more "Odd," without you.

Most people in radio never come close to accomplishing what Doug has.

Thank you for everything Doug.

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