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Enhanced Security Awareness at Some Calgary High Schools – News Centre – CBE

Am I wrong here in asking what schools are under threat? Maybe I'm missing where they posted it but I would like to know. I don't think I'm being over reactive, I would just like more information. Regardless, read ahead and click the links. Maybe you guys can see something that I missed.

CBE is notifying all users of CBE facilities of a security concern that exists in some CBE high schools.
This concern is the result of email threats which are being investigated by the Calgary Police Service (CPS).

On February 10, the CPS issued a statement about their investigation which you can access here.

The CPS, the Calgary Catholic School District (CCSD) and the Calgary Board of Education (CBE) are working through a coordinated response to this situation.

The safety and security of our students and staff is of utmost importance to the CBE. Our schools have instituted appropriate security and safety precautions in consultation with CPS and appreciate the co-operation of students and parents. These steps include an increased police presence around our schools.

We are sharing information as part of our commitment to provide open communication to parents and our school communities. We will provide additional information when it becomes available. Enhanced Security Awareness at Some Calgary High Schools - News Centre - CBE.

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