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Housing prices in Calgary poised for moderate growth:

Public is starting to panic when there is no need. Target and Sony were planning on closing way before oil prices dropped. Housing market is going to remain vibrant as well. Housing all depends on supply and demand. No demand means, lower prices because of an over influx of inventory. No one has a crystal balls to see what the future brings but I feel pretty confident that oil prices will raise within a few months. Don't let the media scare you because when the public starts to panic that's when negative things happen. Not that I'm saying go out a spend, spend, spend. No, I would be a little more conservative with my investments and see what the next few months bring. I've been going out with home buyers a lot and going to a lot of listing appointments. Seems the people that educate themselves on the market know that this is going to pass fairly quickly. Again though, no one has a crystal ball. I'm sure it will not be like 2009. Now go enjoy your day Calgary! It's beautiful outside! Jason (Sutton Group Realtor)


Housing prices in Calgary poised for moderate growth: Royal LePage - Calgary |

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