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Keeping up with the Jones thanks to Apple

Keeping up with the Jones thanks to Apple

So listening to the news today I heard that Apple is going to up the price of their Apps. That somewhat concerned me and ticked me off.

Apple 2I'm not a broke person and I'm not rich. My wife and I make a great income together but as the years go on it's seems that we never make enough.

It seems to me that Apple has started to get greedy and is now taking advantage of people.

I mean really, half these apps we pay for hardly work to begin with and you don't get a refund as far as I know. You also have upgrades all the time that cost money.

My kids apps are what gets me the most. There are always pop-up adds that says upgrade now. If you don't upgrade then it crashes on you all the time. Not all upgrades cost money but most of the time they do.

Take the new IOS system; they have their new iPhone's out so the people with the old phones get screwed. I have the old phone and ever since I upgrades to the new IOS system I have all kinds of glitches. It's a marketing strategy to get people into the new phones because their old ones are not working properly. My son's iPad 1 is obsolete. A majority of the game I try to put on the iPad will not download because of the old IOS system and it will not let me upgrade. I don't remember P.C. ever don't this but then again Microsoft has more than it's share of issues.

Apple 4I am an Apple/Mac sheep. I still do like their product, but is it worth me continuing to keep up with the Jone's? Every year there is a new iPad, iPhone, iPod, etc, etc. I get excited about when new stuff comes out like everyone else but I think I have to start drawing the line with Apple.

Apple 3Time to start doing more research into Samsung and other systems.

Sorry to see you go Apple. You were amazing when Steve jobs was around.



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