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Mayor Nenshi’s statement about Uber entering Calgary


So, let me get this straight, you take away driving lanes for more bike lanes, the the parking downtown is becoming apartment buildings and business, and any parking we do have is either taken up by cars-2-go or costs you $30/day to park. God forbid you have to park in more than one place in the morning and then go to a few more places that afternoon and you have to pay at every parking lot an unreasonable amount for one or two hours worth of parking. Let's not mention the wait times for cabs when you have to get to a meeting. Oh, and being put on hold and in my experience it's about a 70/30 split if they come back to you after being put on hold.

Let's delay a process that is working so well in other countries because of insurance purposes. Obviously the city has made it hard for Uber to get covered for insurance and asking for obscene rates to be covered where it suddenly becomes not profitable for people to work for Uber. That may not be true but why would Uber be so corporative in other cities and countries but not ours? Hmmmmmm.

Come on Nenshi, it's hard to get anywhere in the growing city. I'm curious what the average taxi wait times are. Not including Hotels and Air Ports. Which by the way I personal have been turned down more than once from cab drivers waiting because I didn't stay at the hotel.

According to the Calgary Herald "W. Brett Wilson takes a defiant first ride and Nenshi says he's disappointed." Good on you Brett Wilson! I always liked you.



Source: Mayor Nenshi's statement about Uber entering Calgary

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