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Naheed Nenshi Named Best Mayor In The World

Naheed Nenshi Named Best Mayor In The World

It's official: Calgary has the most outstanding mayor in the world. Naheed Nenshi has been awarded the 2014 World Mayor Prize, beating out 29 other mayors worldwide — and news of the win comes on his birthday, no less. The award makes Nenshi the "most admired mayor of any large Canadian city," according to the World Mayor Contest website. "He is an ... Read More »

Calgary City News Blog: Interact with City staff online to learn about McKnight Boulevard study

The City is studying McKnight Boulevard from Deerfoot Trail to Stoney Trail to help improve traffic flow, reduce travel times, and reduce the frequency and severity of collisions. Recommendations from the study focus on improvements to 12 Street N.E. and the 2015 widening of McKnight Boulevard. Check out our slideshow online, email the project team for more info, or participate ... Read More »

Calgary Housing Market (7 days)

February 2, 2015   The Calgary Housing Market is slow to say the least with only 258 sold in the last 7 days. The biggest thing I notice is not that there were 749 new listings but that 440 homes for sale have decreased their price. Looks like we will be seeing the median sale price of homes lower a ... Read More »

New Tom Baker Cancer Clinic?

Here’s my issue with cancer fund raising. Many amazing people raise billions of dollars for research. Every race I have done has been in one way or another to benefit cancer research. It’s one thing that they can’t seem to find a cure but it’s another thing to blame the Oil prices to hold off on building a new Tom ... Read More »

Top 20 Real Estate Associate for 2014

Top 20 Real Estate Associate for 2014

I'm the sexy bald chubby faced Italian in the middle! Thank you to all my friends and client for putting me in the Top 20 for 2014! I promise I will continue to be honest and provide the best customer service to you and your referrals.   Jason Cattoni 403-807-1896 Read More »

Calgary’s 311 site a shrine to petty complaints and beefs | People, Places and P

It’s a real-time shrine to how petty and helpless Calgary has become, as well as being highly amusing to read. There’s the person asking the city to investigate an elaborate snow fort on Royal Oak Green N.W.: “While very cool and inventive I am concerned about the safety of the younger kids should the roof give way. Can you check ... Read More »

Housing prices in Calgary poised for moderate growth:

Public is starting to panic when there is no need. Target and Sony were planning on closing way before oil prices dropped. Housing market is going to remain vibrant as well. Housing all depends on supply and demand. No demand means, lower prices because of an over influx of inventory. No one has a crystal balls to see what the ... Read More »

Calgary Community List

Hey folks, If you’re looking to move to Calgary. Here is a list of all the great communities in our beautiful city. Drop me a email if you have questions about communities to live in. I can tell you the median sale price in that area as well. I have lived in Calgary my entire life and know this city better ... Read More »

Keeping up with the Jones thanks to Apple

Keeping up with the Jones thanks to Apple

So listening to the news today I heard that Apple is going to up the price of their Apps. That somewhat concerned me and ticked me off. I'm not a broke person and I'm not rich. My wife and I make a great income together but as the years go on it's seems that we never make enough. It seems ... Read More »

18 Toboggan Hills Sanctioned By the City

It’s a sad day for my inner child. Why is everything in our life’s getting so restricted? Now granted I know some changes are needed but it’s getting to the point that we soon will not be able to leave our houses without a face mask and a helmet. When I was a kid, there was no hill we were ... Read More »