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Petition · Add 3 more hours of Calgary transit train service (2-5am) ·

I agree Jennica!!

I recently saw a blog post by X92.9 pertaining to preventing drinking and driving this holiday season. I agree with this with absolute certainty. My problem is that Calgary is well known for its terrible transit service. We have one of the most expensive transit fares in ALL of North America. Though our Calgary C-train stops running around 1:41 am? This is not practical as the club night scene ends at about 3am once everything is said and done. This is also not fair for those who work odd hours and can’t get anywhere through the hours of 2-4:45am.

Other solutions people refer to are cabs which are also known in Calgary to be in extremely high demand because of the limited amount of drivers. And not everyone wants to be the designated driver every weekend babysitting drunken people either.

I want to get Calgary transit to hire on a few more c-train drivers between the hours of 2-5 am, even if it’s only weekends. This will be a ctrain only once a hour for 3 hours.

Where is our $3 transit fair going to otherwise? Why do other cities have accessibility to more service. We are a wealthly, growing city. Calgary Transit needs to be able to budget a few more employees to cut the percentage of drunk drivers not only for the holiday season, but year round. This is a more affordable plan to make sure everyone can get home (or relatively closer) safely.

Please sign this petition so we can make a difference in life or death of future victims of drinking and driving catastrophes.

Petition · Add 3 more hours of Calgary transit train service (2-5am) ·

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