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Proposal for cameras in school zones to slow down drivers |

This caregiver is a HERO in my books. Our pray's go out to her so that she makes a full recovery.

It's true that in this day an age that people are more distracted than ever behind the wheel. With GPS, Tim Hortons/Starbacks, texting, on the phone, etc. I've even seen people with frost on their windows driving (speeding) through school zoned. It amazes me!! Take one minute and scrape the damn frost off!

I 100% agree in camera's in all school zones. I also don't think it should be a fine but also I believe that the OWNER of the vehicle, not the driver has to take full responsibility. Want to let your care out to your kinds or a friend fine, but you're just as responsible as the driver caught speeding.

Video from global new website.

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