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Selling Your Home – Calgary – Airdrie – Cochrane – Homes for Sale

Selling Your Home – Calgary – Airdrie – Cochrane – Homes for Sale

Hey folks,

Summer went by WAY too quick. On the plus side, fall is my favourite time of year because of the tree's changes a beautiful colour and the mountain landscape is breath taking. I also love fall because it's one of my busiest times of the year being a Licensed Realtor®. People are ready to get into a new home before Christmas. Don't listen to what you might hear on the new channels, they are historians. I give you the real time action in the Calgary real estate market. Without going into number and just by talking to other Realtor's® any home under $500K are still selling fast if marketed properly. The higher the price range the more days you are going to sit on the market currently. If you want more information feel free to contact me any time.

This is more a a fun post and why you really should do your research when you hire a real estate agent. You have to decide what is important to you in the sale of your home. My advice would be PICTURES/VIDEO! They say 83% of todays home buyers love proper pictures and/or video. Here are some real examples of pictures that should NOT be on the MLS to sell your home and is a good sign you might have picked the wrong person to represent you in the sale of one of your biggest investment.


The house is sinking!


Pet friendly home.


WOW! I'm sold!side

Stackable Washer and Dryer?

Vegans take note!

iPhone panorama view gone bad. hi

I'm guessing your Realtor does not moonlight as a professional photographer.

Pillow's are the perfect accent to this sink?

This was a self listed property. Can't blame the Realtor on this

At least they weren't watching porn.fuzzy

Half million dollar home shows just can't tell by this picture.

This works really well...if your iPhone is locked sideways or you have a left kink in your neck.closet

Plenty of Storage.fuzzy-front

Another breath taking blurry shot of your biggest investment.people4

Nice clutter and picture of Realtor. Does the clutter come with the sale of the

Cute dog, does she come with the home?

These are just some examples. Do your research. I always hire a professional photographer and depending on the home that I'm selling I do video as well. it all begins with online searches for homes. If your pictures don't speak for your home your likely to sit on the market longer and not get the money you want.

Here are a couple small example of what I do for my clients and their homes. Click the link below..

For more information please contact me for a 100% no obligation, no pressure, consultation...of course it's free!


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