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Sold In 6.5 hours! Calgary, Dalhousie Home for Sale


My most amazing client help me set a personal record last night and we sold her house in 6 and a half hours! With my marketing plan we had people wanting to see the home even before I put the home on the MLS and received our first offer after 5 hours of me sending out an email to my Realtor and client database. We ended up having MULTIPLE OFFERS AND SOLD FOR $5000.00 MORE THAN ASKING PRICE! See what happens when you listen to your Realtor. :o) I'm proud that I set a new record for myself especially in a so-called buyers market but I'm also proud of my client who did such an amazing job on setting up her house by herself to sell. It was not an easy project for her. She moved furniture, cleaned, and handled the stress multiple offers alone as her husband works out of town. SHE IS A SUPER WOMAN AND A AMZING PERSON. I'm glad to have her as my client who became my friend after I sold her first house a few years back.1910606_784241551615776_8087064646285251175_n

So many people ask me, "what's the Calgary market like?" I'll tell you the same thing I tell them. It's a great time to move if you're ready. Some people are holding back selling because they think that they are not going to get a premium price for their home. The truth is, no, you're not going to get the same amount for your home as you would have this time last year. However, if you're also buying at the same time you are buying at a lower price as well so it's all relative.

If you're an investor, now is a great time to buy. Some seller are still trying to get last years or even the beginning of this years prices but are slowly realizing that's not going to happen and this is why prices are declining. If you're priced right you will sell fast and just maybe get into competing offers as I did last night. If you are over priced you are going to be playing catch up with the market. The longer you are on the market the lower price you are going to get. Some investors look for home that have been on the market a long time. The investor feels that the seller might be getting desperate and will accept a very low price. That is why it's good to really do your research with your Real Estate Associate. (or me:)

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My amazing client listened to me and in turn we got more than our listing price. The first thought the majority of sellers think when they get multiple offer's is that they are priced too low. That's not normally the case. It means you are spot on and people see the value in your home. Maybe if you get $20,000 or more over asking you might have been priced low but they market will correct itself and buyers are the ones that dictate the value of your home. As a Real Estate Associate I can only go by market conditions and recent comparable sales. In the end, it's always the buyers that tell you what your home is worth. So if you're getting low offers and they are all around the same price than that's the market telling you that this is what your home is worth. If you are not getting any offers than there is either something really wrong with your home or your listing price is too far out there and buyers will think you're an unreasonable seller.



So when you go to sell, buy, or both a home, make you sure you get the help of a licensed Realtor(r). Also remember, as with most things you get what you pay for. There are all kinds of options out there and you're entitled to do what you want but remember, this may be one of the largest assets in your life; do you really want to go with someone when asked to discount the real estate fee's says, "yes?" If you do, you have just hired the least effective negotiator to protect one of your largest financial assets and that's just not good business.

Good Real Estate Associates are not just sales people any more. We are marketers. That's more important than just putting your home on the MLS System and waiting for the phone call. Great Realtor's have a great marketing plan. Make sure you interview a couple and see how they are going to market your property to get the most exposure.

Social Marketing

Call me and I can tell you my marketing plan. As you can tell if you are reading this, I'm very big on Social Media marketing and have taken several webinars and course about social media and feel my marketing a home is extremely strong. That's why I sold this home in 6 and a half hours, before it even when to the MLS System (

merry christmas

Have a Merry Christmas and a safe and Happy New Year. Remember to count your blessing this year. It has been a tough year for a lot of people including my family. We were truly blessed this year.

Jason Cattoni

Father, Husband, Realtor, Radio DJ.


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