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THE BATTLE OF ALBERTA!! | Calgary Stampeders

THE BATTLE OF ALBERTA!! | Calgary Stampeders


They’re just 300 kilometres up the road so that rivalry thing is basically built-in. But whether the Calgary Stampeders dislike the Edmonton Eskimos more than their other CFL counterparts, well, that’s debatable.

“Being from Vancouver, I’ve always taken pride in beating the Lions,” commented Stamps’ running back Jon Cornish. “In college, we had Kansas State as our arch-rival, in-state, and the out-of-state rival in Missouri. So I’ve always had interesting competitions. For Sask, Edmonton, B.C. . . . I’d say it’s about equal. There’s a lot of hate in the West . . . I wouldn’t say hate . . . animosity.”


Renewing the rivalry | Calgary Stampeders.

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