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What are your thoughts Calgary?

What are your thoughts Calgary?

cp-alta-bgt-balance-oct-2015Are you feeling the effects of the new NDP government with their budget? Are the Oil prices effecting your family even if you are not in the Oil and Gas Industry? I know for me, real estate sales are still steady but at the lower price ranges. It seems the higher the price range of the home the more days on the market it spends. Yes, homes are still selling and we are not feeling the effect as bad as we thought in the real estate industry.

There has been a slight drop in average sale price but I believe that would be because there is more supply than demand. it's the interest rate that is keeping buyers buying and sellers selling.

Here is a video (Courtesy of BNN) of Kevin O'Leary from O'Leary Financial Group, Dragons Den, and Shark Tank. Like him or not, he seems to make sense to me regarding the new Liberal and NDP Government's  (Click link below)




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